Video courtesy: Media Watch/YouTube    From Fox News: The Laura Ingraham Show


*OPINION* By: Kareem Rahman


Some Fox News hosts are not even attempting to cover up their racist views anymore. Case in point, Ms. Laura Ingraham. Ingraham went on a rant about how athletes like Lebron James should stick to playing basketball and leave the political talk up to political people. I get what Fox host are attempting to do. I really do get it. At one time, Fox News used to be considered the “conservative” network. Like many other Republicans during the age of Trump, Fox News has abandoned their conservative views in favor of Trumpism. Make no mistake about it, Fox News is clearly pro-Trump. I didn’t say pro-Republican, I said pro-Trump. Fox attacks anybody or anything that is not 100% on board with everything Trump says or does, no matter how ridiculous it may be. Republicans are not even immune from these attacks. Any Republican who opposes any one thing Trump does or says will be bombarded with attacks from Fox on-air personalities. Fox has taken the position that Trump can do no wrong. Anyone who believes so, will be labeled an Un-American traitor. This is part of a cult-like mentality that Fox and others are pushing on weak minded individuals. Those who have a mind of their own, realize that everyone makes mistakes and makes moves that 100% of people in the world may not agree with. We know this. God made humans imperfect for a reason. What that reason was, only God may know. But fact is, God purposely made humans imperfect because……God doesn’t make mistakes, and only God is perfect……any God you may believe in. WE ALL KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE. But leave it up to Fox News to attempt to make folks believe this is not true. Fox wants their viewers to believe that Donald Trump is the perfect human being. Therefore, everyone should follow, and not question anything the Supreme Leader does. Not God…..Donald Trump. To us, this may sound dumb, but to people who want to believe this type of shit, this makes all of the sense in the world. Those are the people Fox News hopes to reach with their message. For the rest of us, the seemingly wild and unrealistic things they do and say is about attention. Fox News is probably the highest rated News Network on cable television. (I don’t care enough to bother to actually looking up the statistics) The high ratings don’t always come from Fox’s “Cult Trump” base. Sometimes those high ratings come from hosts and guests on Fox News’ shows saying things that are so ridiculous that “normal” people have to tune in to see it with their own eyes and hear it with their own two ears to believe that anyone would say something so ridiculous. Ratings. That’s what it’s all about. Well, that and keeping the cult happy, preoccupied with conspiracy theories, and filled with hatred for anyone not 100% Trump. Fox News hosts spew falsities and conspiracy theories on a regular basis. Sometimes I’m amazed that the FCC would allow Fox to have News behind their name, because 80% of the things the hosts speak of are clearly untrue. I mean, these lies they tell have documented evidence to the contrary, yet, they still manage to spin any story in another direction. Especially when it comes to something that may effect Donald Trump negatively. Fox will surely find a way to spin any Donald Trump scandal into a way to blame everything on Obama…..or Hilary…..or Liberals. One, or either all of those three will get the blame for any Trump scandal…..that was created by Donald Trump himself. The cult will listen to the spin and then parrot the argument all over social media. Spinning Trump scandals is the norm for Fox, but when Trump is really in trouble, they always go to what they know to deflect from the real story at hand.




Racism is the easiest, and probably most effective spinning mechanism. Racism strikes at the core of most people, especially the group of people said racism may be against. Donald Trump has had a horrible week. There’s really no way to spin that. From the horrible tragedy at a Florida High School to the newly announced indictments against 13 Russian Nationals for election interference yesterday. Trump was active in promoting the legal sale of the type of weapon that was used in the high school massacre. As a matter of fact, one of the first things Trump did when getting into office was to overturn an Obama-era law that made it illegal for individuals with mental issues to purchase guns. Especially assault rifles like the ones that were used in the Florida high school massacre. There was really no spin for this. Oh, that didn’t stop Fox from trying though. They blamed Obama. They blamed the main stream media. They blamed the FBI. Fox blamed everyone but Trump, whose eradication of the gun law for individuals with mental illness may have allowed 19-year old Nikolas Cruz to legally purchase the weapon he used to kill 17 people and injure multiple others, when he may not have been able to do so before Trump ended the law. The fact that Cruz was not an immigrant, Muslim, or black person didn’t help things either. Trump could not use this tragedy to push his border wall agenda, Muslim ban, or crack down on immigrant gangs (especially MS-13) Cruz was born right here, in the good ole U.S of A. Not an “illegal Immigrant”. Not a gang member. Not an Isis recruit from a Middle Eastern Country. Cruz is a home grown terrorist. Locally born and manufactured. And as for the Russian indictments……those are pretty self explanatory. Trump has been talking about there has never been any Russian interference or collusion….ever. Well, evidence of Russian interference has just been found, chances are very high that collusion is next up. The walls are closing in on Donald Trump…..and by association, Fox News. That’s enough to send Trump and Fox News into an all out panic. The rhetoric was high before, but now it’s time for Fox and others to turn it up 20 times higher. There is no other card left to play. So, YOU may be surprised by the blatant racism spewed from the mouth of Fox News host, Laura Ingraham, but I’m not. Fox News is in a panic. I expect lots and lots more of this idiotic kind of talk over the next few weeks. Caring about how stupid the things they say may sound, are now back there in the rear-view mirror somewhere. Deflect in any way possible is now the agenda. So……what better way to accomplish that goal, than the good ol’ racist takes? Make no mistake about it, Laura Ingrahaham’s comments were clearly intended to be racist. Fox makes a habit of bringing people on their network who have no knowledge of politics, to talk……….you guessed it, politics.



Fox News regularly gets political takes and opinions from people who are not politicians. No, Laura Ingraham was not speaking about all athletes when she told Lebron James that he needs to shut up and just dribble a ball. Laura Ingraham was clearly speaking about “black” athletes staying in “their place.” While Ingraham’s take on Lebron is clearly racist, and purposely so, let us not forget that it is part of a much bigger agenda. Deflect and protect by any means.

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