Cover Photo Courtesy: CNN

Darian Bennet (no age given) reportedly kidnapped his infant baby from the child’s mother, before he killed his child’s mother, his infant child, and injured the child’s grandmother, before taking his own life yesterday, in Covington, Alabama. According to a report from CNN, Bennett killed the child’s mother and grandmother, at their home on Saturday. The infant child has been identified as Jaquari Bennett. The identities of the mother and grandmother have not been released yet.


Covington Police were called to the Bennet home at around 11:30 a.m. on Saturday. The call was for reports of an individual who had been shot in the area. Police reportedly encountered two children aged 11 and 12-years of age when they arrived at the front door of the home. Officers then reportedly entered the home. They found a woman’s deceased body on the floor when they entered the house. Another woman, this one appearing to be older than the deceased, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, she was still alive.

The older victim was rushed to the Atlanta Medical Center by helicopter. She was last reported to be in critical condition. The two women were later identified as the mother and grandmother of the child, who had been kidnapped by her father.

“Darian Bennett was the one that shot the baby’s mother and took the baby with him and left the scene”, said Newton Police Sergeant Jack Redlinger”

An amber Alert for Jaquari Bennettt was issued by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) on Behalf on the Newton County Sheriff’s Office for the missing infant child. Riverdale Police reportedly received a call on Sunday morning, from a man saying he was going to take his own life, according to Redlinger.

“Officers were able to track where the call came from and located a vehicle in the parking lot of a church and began searching for the man when they heard gunshots coming from the church”, Redlinger said.

Officers searched the church and the surrounding area. The bodies of Darian Bennett and little Jaqurai Bennett were discovered near the Gazebo area of the church located in Riverdale, Georgia.

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