Cover Photo Courtesy: NBA News

2 time NBA Champion and four time All Star point guard, 36-year old, Rajon Rondo, allegedly pulled a gun on his former partner, and mother of his two children, 36-year old, Ashley Bachelor. According to a report from TMZ, the incident began on May 11th, while Rondo was playing video games with his 11-year old son.


Ashley Bachelor said Rondo “became enraged” when she came into the room and asked her son to separate the laundry. Rondo allegedly pulled the game console out of the wall. Ashley said the incident happened while the 11-year old was present. According to Bachelor, Rondo continued on throughout the house in a rampage, breaking “everything from a teacup to outdoor lights and trash cans.”

Bachelor said she tried to deescalate the situation because the kids were watching and they were upset by their father’s behavior. Rondo responded to Ashley’s attempt at “deescalation” by responding “your dead”…..allegedly.

Rondo allegedly left the home shortly afterward, but returned 15 minutes later. He allegedly walked to the back door and began banging on it with his gun. Bachelor said she heard the noise at the back door and approached to take a look. She said she could see Rondo standing there with a gun in his hand. She yelled out to him from inside the house, that he was scaring her. Ashley said Rondo ignored her, before yelling “Go get my f*cking son!”

According to Ashley, she feared for her life, so she went upstairs and brought her 11-year old son down with her. She said she kept the back door closed though. Ashley said, the second Pierre (the 11-year old son) opened the door, Rondo allegedly yanked it open. She said, while still brandishing the gun in his hand, he screamed at Pierre, asking why he was scared of his dad. Ashley said she didn’t intervene because she was scared Rondo would shoot her. Rondo eventually left the scene after his mother and father showed up and attempted to calm him down. Ashley said Rondo’s parents did not succeed in calming him down, but he eventually left of his own will.

A judge has signed off on a temporary protective order that says Rajon must stay at least 500 feet away from Ashley and their children.

The NBA says they are aware of the incident, but have not commented on it yet.

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