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38-year old, Jennifer Sweeney, from New Jersey, was sentenced to 95-years in prison on Friday afternoon. According to a report from the Associated Press, Sweeney was convicted of multiple counts relating to the murder and attempted murder of her 41-year old girlfriend, Tyrita Julius, whose body was reportedly found buried in the yard of a home in Longbranch, New Jersey.


Sweeney was convicted of hanging Julius, and then burying her in the backyard of the Longbranch home.

“It is difficult to imagine a more heinous scheme of manipulation and cold-hearted depravity over four months, than orchestrated by Jennifer Sweeney.” Monmounth County Superior Court Judge, David Bauman said before sentencing Sweeney to 95-years in prison.

Julius was reportedly wounded in a shooting two days before Thanksgiving day back in 2015. She was shot 8 times while driving her vehicle, before she crashed into a utility pole. Julius survived the attempt on her life by convicted gunman and high school friend of Sweeney’s, 38-year old, Andre Harris.

Harris, who authorities alleged was the triggerman behind the shooting, was arrested for the crime. He confessed to the shooting, and testified in court that Sweeney had threatened to kill him and his children if he didn’t do it. He said Sweeney believed Julius was cheating on her.

Julius recovered from her injuries, and seemingly reconciled with Sweeney, or at least gave Sweeney a chance to get close enough to her, to strangle her with an electrical cord, according to the police report. Sweeney then drove over to Harris’ house. Harris testified that Sweeney showed up at his front door with Julius’ dead body in the passenger’s seat of her car. Harris and Sweeney buried Tytrita Julius’ body in Harris’ backyard.

Tyrita Julius’ mother reported her daughter missing in March of 2016. That same month, Sweeney joined in a search to find Tyrita Julius, or her remains. The search was organized by Tyrita’s mother. The volunteers were mostly friends and family of Tyrita Julius’. Tyrita’s body was found in August of 2016.

Harris was sentenced to 16-years in prison for his part in the murder and attempted murder of Tyrita Julius.

“I’m so sorry for what I’ve done. I don’t know what to say. I’m asking for you to forgive me.” Harris said to Julius’ family before he was sentenced.

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