Cover Photo Courtesy: Yahoo! News

Philadelphia Police said a homeowner turned the tables on two home invaders and ended up killing one, and sending the other fleeing the scene. According to a report from 850 WFTL NEWS TALK, the incident happened at a home on the 7200 block of Battersby Street at an undisclosed time on Saturday.


A 25-year old male told police that he was approached by the two suspects outside of the duplex. The men, in full police gear, introduced themselves as police officers.

“They tied his hands with zip ties around his back and threatened to kill him if he made any sudden moves. That’s when our victim realized these men were not police officers.”

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector, Scott Small, said on Saturday. At some point the victim managed to free one of his hands from the zip-ties, and retrieved his gun from his pocket. The victim reportedly fired his weapon in the direction of the intruders.

When the smoke cleared, one of the intruders lay on the floor bleeding from gunshot wounds, after being hit three times. The other intruder managed to flee the scene. There was no word on if he was hit by gunfire or not. The victim that was hit by gunfire, was transported to the hospital. He died shortly after arriving. Police said he was still wearing the fake Police Badge around his neck.

The second suspect remains at large at this time.

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