Cover Photo Courtesy: Idaho State Journal

Police in Houston said officers shot and wounded a man when he charged at them with a knife. That was after he allegedly killed a construction worker by running him over with his own truck, crashed into the lobby of a high-rise, and stabbed a person overnight. A report from the ASSOCIATED PRESS said the incident happened at a high-rise building in Houston, that was under construction, at around 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning.


The report said, the luxury building in Downtown Houston, was around 30% occupied as the construction was being done on the building. The victim who was ran over was reportedly walking to the office of the luxury building when he was ran over by the suspect. He was reported dead at the scene. The construction worker’s identity has not yet been released, pending notification of his family.

The building’s concierge, who was sitting at the front desk when the vehicle crashed into the building, wasn’t hurt during the crash. He barricaded himself inside of an office. The suspect then reportedly got back into the truck and crashed it into the office. The victim then allegedly stabbed a 51-year old man who had the unfortunate luck of showing up at the lobby in the middle of the suspect’s rampage, was stabbed in the back. He was last reported to be in stable condition at a nearby hospital.

Officers reportedly caught up to the suspect as he was walking down the street afterward. He was carrying a knife, which officers reportedly told him to drop, multiple times. The suspect refused, and instead of dropping the knife, allegedly charged at the officers. The suspect was shot twice, but kept coming at the officers. The ended up having to taze the suspect even after shooting him, in order to subdue him. The suspect was taken to a hospital, and was last reported to be in surgery.

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