Cover Photo Courtesy: 6 ABC Action News

30-year old Brittallia Semaan, of New Castle, Delaware has been arrested and charged with several crimes, including killing a pedestrian, after what police described as an early morning “rampage” on Sunday morning. A 6ABC ACTION NEWS report said, the crazy series of events began when Semaan allegedly carjacked the driver of a Chevy Trax on the 4000 block of New Castle Avenue (route-9), at around 9:30 a.m. on Sunday morning.


Police say 4 people were inside of the Chevy Trax when they were carjacked. A 67-year old man, a 66-year old woman, and two juveniles. The 66-year old woman reportedly suffered minor injuries after she was hit by Semaan with the car as she pulled off in the jacked vehicle. Police say Seeman headed to Rt. 9 near Boothhurst Boulevard, where she struck and killed a pedestrian who was walking along the shoulder of the road. The pedestrian has been identified as 47-year old Joseph Stanavich of New Castle. He was hit when a speeding Semaan left her lane “for some unknown reason”, according to the police report.

Semaan then allegedly drove to the Brandywine Valley SPCA, where she struck another pedestrian in the parking lot. This time the victim was a 19-year old woman. She was taken to the hospital for evaluation, and reportedly suffered “non-life threatening” injuries. Semann reportedly fled the scene of that accident, before crashing head-on with a Maserati with two passengers inside. A 34-year old man and a 26-year old woman. Both were reportedly “not seriously injured” in the crash. A 62-year old man driving a Ford Explorer pulled over and asked the accident victims if they needed help. He quickly became Semaan’s next jacking victim. Seeman ended up fleeing the scene of another accident. This time she had a passenger. A 77-year old female was in the front seat of the newly-jacked Ford Explorer.

With passenger/hostage in tow, Semaan fled to Hamburg Road, where she crashed again. She hit a Honda Odyssey carrying two passengers. A 52 and 77-year old women. Both were reportedly “not seriously injured” in the crash. An off-duty Wilmington Police Officer who saw half of the accident, ended up arresting Semaan at the scene of her final car accident on this day. Semaan’s charges include:

-1st degree Kidnapping

-2nd degree Vehicular Homicide

-1st degree Robbery (2-counts)

-1st degree Reckless Endangering (4-counts)

-Terroristic Threatening (5-counts)

-Leaving The Scene Of A Collision Resulting In Death

-Failure To Report Collision

-Failed To Remain Within A Single Lane

And a host of other charges for her Sunday morning activities. Police said they were trying to figure out what set Seeman off.

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