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   After four years of college and maintaining damn near a 4.0 gpa all the way through, Alaina found that she still couldn’t find a job that stood up to her standards. It was downright frustrating and kind of depressing. She looked over at her college degree hanging on the wall.

“Big fuckin’ help you were!”

She’d been stuck in a job in the accounting department at an insurance company ever since she got her degree almost six years ago. Alaina’s job was going nowhere. More than likely she’d already risen as far as she was going to rise in the company. Alaina knew her life should be different. She was supposed to be living it up somewhere and barely working to do it. She was supposed to be an actress in her eyes. Why couldn’t it happen to her? She was pretty and she knew it. The best way to describe Alaina would be to say that she looked exactly like Diamond from “The Players Club.”  Same figure and all, Alaina was stacked! She always believed with everything in her that her face belonged on the big screen in some way. Movies or tv series, she was born to be an actress. She had no talent for acting whatsoever, but so what. As far as she was concerned most people in movies couldn’t act either and her face and body should be enough to compensate for her lack of talent. She knew she could make it in the business though, all she needed was for someone to take a gamble on her and give her half a chance. The only problem with that was Alaina was not the gambling type. Even though she despised her boring ass job, it provided security. Alaina’s every decision in life was based on security. Even the relationship she was in right now. Kenny who she had been dating for the last three years was boring as hell, but he was safe. There was no fear of him cheating on her or ever trying to leave her. She knew the only way they would ever break up would be for her to break up with him, and she was cool with that. Having control equaled security in her eyes. Alaina was well aware that if she seriously wanted to be a big time actress she was not going to do it living in Philly. She knew she would have to move to California or New York. The idea of leaving Philly was something that she couldn’t even seriously fathom. Philly was her security blanket. She was born here and spent most of her life here. Except the four years she spent at Virginia Tech, she’d never even been out of the city. Leaving Philly would probably be that one hurdle that she would never be able to get over. The alarm clock going off interrupted her thoughts. She sighed.

“All this early morning daydreaming I was doing could’ve been 15 more minutes of sleep.”

Alaina shook her head. She leaned over and slammed her hand down hard on the irritating alarm clock. Alaina pushed the dreams to the back of her head and got out of the bed. She walked to the shower and prepared to put on her “everything is great in my life” face.

   Alaina drove to work blasting that old Young Geezy and Akon “Soul Survivor.” She had to turn it off after a while because it made her frustrated that she wasn’t brave enough to chase after her dreams like these singers and rappers did. Why couldn’t she go all out after her dream like they did? She promised herself right then that one day she was going to do it. Just drop everything and go for it. She laughed out loud. Who the fuck did she think she was fooling? She wasn’t leaving Philly and she wasn’t leaving her safe job.

   Alaina pulled into the parking lot of the building she worked at. She sat in the car listening to the morning talk show on the radio and preparing herself to keep her happy face on all day. She got out and walked into the building with a smile on her face. She walked to the office then headed for her desk, smiling at everyone and upbeat like she was the happiest person in the world. Her facial expression changed when she saw the message Mr. Johnson left on her computer with a yellow “post up” paper.


Alaina exhaled loudly. She couldn’t stand Mr. Johnson. He was an old ass pervert. She believed that he called her into his office everyday just so he could look at her. He probably jerked off when she left. She’d always suspected that he had a hidden camera in there somewhere. He’d been trying to get at her ever since she started working there, and he really thought he had a chance in hell at getting with her. She knew half of the reason he thought that was her fault  because she was always nice to him, but what was she supposed to do? Be a total bitch to her supervisor? That wouldn’t be a smart thing to do. In the back of her mind she always thought about what he would do if she actually gave him some. His old ass would probably die from a heart attack before he even got in it. Mr. Johnson having a heart attack and dying just from looking at her always made her smile. The thought of it bought the smile back to her face and she put her things down and walked to Mr. Johnson’s office. She got to his door and knocked. She heard his deep voice on the other side of the door.

“It’s open come on in.”

Alaina opened the door and walked in.

“Good morning Mr. Johnson. How are you this morning?”

Johnson broke out into a wide grin and sat straight up in his chair to get a good look at  Alaina and her goods.

“I’m fine. I’m better now that you are here! Come on in and close the door.”

Alaina turned around to go back and close the door. She could feel his beaty eyes peering at her ass while she did. She rolled her eyes and exhaled loudly. She composed herself and put her bright smile back on her face before she turned around. She walked over to sit down in the chair in front of his desk. Before she sat down he stopped her.

“Alaina could you be a dear and get me the folder with yesterday’s reports in them from the top shelf befoe you sit down? We need to go over them for a minute today.”

Alaina knew that was bullshit. There was nothing worth going over in yesterday’s reports. He just wanted her to have to get on her tip toes just to reach the top of the high shelf and get the reports. She knew that when she reached up to get them her already short skirt would rise higher and his old ass would be right up under there. He probably had the camera on his phone ready. She knew he had to be the one to put them up there, but now it was so much trouble for him to get them down himself? Bullshit! Alaina headed over to the shelf. She started to reach up, but then something inside her snapped. She turned around and looked at Johnson who was sitting there holding his cell phone with one hand, and the other hand was mysteriously under the desk.

“No!…..No I’m not reaching up there to get the files. You’re the one who put them up there so you reach up there and get them yourself!”

Johnson tried to cut her off.

“Hey! You watch the way you……..”

She wasn’t having it. She cut him off.

“No you don’t get to talk! You’re gonna listen to me now! You have been harrassing me since the first day I walked through that door. Enough is enough! You’re old ass will never…I repeat never get your grubby little hands on this! I know what sexual harrassment is and I’m not going to take it anymore. I QUIT. TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR OLD ASS! O yeah, one more thing. I want three months severence pay and I want to be paid for all the vacation time I never used, and while your at it throw in another two months pay out of your own pocket. This is non-negotiable and best believe I know where the Human Resources Department is. Now make me go report your ass!”

Alaina slammed the door and stormed out of his office before he had the chance to say anything. She grabbed her pocketbook and headed for her car. She got in her car and started to put the key in the ignition then she stopped.

“What the hell did I just do?”

She didn’t know, but she liked the way it felt. She sat in her car for a while listening to Young Jeezy.

   When Alaina left work she had no idea what to do or where to go. Damn near everybody she knew was at work this time of morning. Then it hit her.

“I know who ain’t at work!”

Her homegirl Sakeena. She wasn’t at work because she had no idea what work was. Sakeena was the homie from way back. They went back to the elementary school days. Ever since she knew Sakeena she hustled to get money. She never worked at a legal job a day in her life. Sakeena just knew how to survive. She would do whatever it took to get at a dollar. She boosted clothes, bust checks, ran credit card schemes. It didn’t matter. If it was some paper involved Sakeena was down. Alaina always found herself getting frustrated with Sakeena for living the way she did. Not because of the illegal things she did to get money, it was because Sakeena was irresponsible and had been that way ever since she met her. If Sakeena made $1000 today she was going to spend $975 tonight. The idea of saving money or doing anything responsible like paying bills with her money never crossed her mind. Sakeena knew that if worse came to worse she had the one product that would always be in demand, and she didn’t mind selling it if the price was right…….her body. Sakeena was bad too. A beautiful chocolate sista with that look of foreign beauty about her. She looked like there was some kind of Asian in her blood somewhere down the line. Just like Alaina, Sakeena was stacked. Alaina may have had Sakeena beat in the breast department, but when it came to comparing asses there was no competition. All natural too!  Even with all of the bad habits Sakeena had that was still her ace. Sakeena always had her back and she was always down to scrap, anywhere at anytime for anything. Fighting was what she did. Alaina called Sakeena and asked her to meet her at the diner for breakfast. Of course Sakeena was sleeping when she called, she didn’t work. She had no reason to get out of bed before noon everyday. Sakeena told her that she would meet her over there in an hour or two.

   Alaina sat in the diner thinking of her next move. This was unexplored territory for her. She’d never done anything in her life without having some type of plan or reasoning as to why she did it. There was no reasoning behind her quitting her job today. Alaina thought about looking for another job but she knew that eventually she would be feeling chained down again, but at least she would have some security of having a weekly paycheck. That would be all good, but she was loving the freedom that she was feeling right now. She didn’t want to go back to being tied down to a nine to five. This was the perfect time for her to chase her dreams. Alaina didn’t even see Sakeena walking up and her thoughts were interrupted when Sakeena sat down.

“This better be good hooker, you know I don’t get out of bed before 12!”

Alaina laughed.Sakeena said exactly what she had been thinking.

“I quit my job this morning.”

Sakeena gave her the side eye and smirked.

“Yeah ok. Tell me anything.”

“For real. I quit. I just got tired of that shit everyday, and old ass Mr. Johnson just put me over the top with his old perverted ass.”

Sakeena laughed.

“What he do.?”

“His old ass gon tell me to get some files off the top of this high ass shelf. I know he wanted to look up my skirt. Wit his dirty ass.”

“How you know that?”

“Cause when I turned around real quick I must’ve surprised him because he had his cell phone in one hand like he was taking a picture and he had his dick in the other hand.”

Sakeena was cracking up.

“No he didn’t!”

“Alright I admit he did have one hand under the desk and I couldn’t see what he was doing with it, but that other hand was taking pictures. I’m sure of that shit!”

Sakeena was laughing so hard she could hardly speak and tears were starting to roll down her face.

“O my god Laina! You just made my day with your shit. I swear you be having the wildest adventures ever! So what you do after you caught him taking a picture of you?”

“I told him I want back pay and I want to be paid for all the vacation days I didn’t use. I told him either that or I’m suing his ass for sexual harrassment.”

“And what he say?”

“I don’t know I turned around and left before he could say anything.”

Sakeena stopped laughing and her face got serious.

“You serious ain’t you?”


“Why? What the hell you gonna do now?”

“I don’t know, but I was sitting here thinking bout something, and don’t laugh when I tell you. I’m thinking about moving to NY and becoming an actress.”

Sakena looked her dead in the eyes.

“Why would I laught at that? I actually think thats a good ass idea and I salute you for having the heart to go after it. I wish I could just up and move.”

You could see the lights coming on in Alaina’s brain before she spoke.

“You can! We can move together and chase our dreams! Why not? It ain’t shit here in Philly for us anymore.”

Sakeena shook her head.

“It ain’t as easy for me. This is my home. Philly is the only place where I know how to get money like I do. Plus rent high as hell in NY. You need some major doe to move out there.”

“That’s true, but two people paying rent would be easier than one person wouldn’t it?”

Sakeena stared straight ahead. She was seriously contemplating the move. A change of environment might be just what she needed right now.

“I’m surprised that you would up and do something like this Laina. What Kenny say when you told him?”

Alaina was caught off guard. She was so caught up in planning and the possibilities that she’d forgotten all about Kenny. If she was to move she knew his conservative ass wasn’t going to go. She damn sure wasn’t doing the long distance relationship thing, that never worked. She hated to do it but she was going to have to cut him loose if she was truly going to chase her dreams. She hated to have to do that too because he was a cry baby. No exaggeration, she knew he was going to cry actual tears. She’d already seen him do it for much less. She would cross that bridge when she got to it. For now she was going to do a little more research on the cost of living in New York and continue to work on trying to get her homie Sakeena to roll with her. This would be so much easier with her good friend by her side.


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