A Philadelphia Police officer is in the hospital recovering, after he was dragged about five blocks by a SUV on Tuesday night. 6-ABC ACTION NEWS reported that the incident began at 53rd Street & Baltimore Avenue, at around 9:15 p.m.

Police say they attempted to pull over the 25-year old driver of a Nissan Murano, for an expired temporary tag and brake lights that were out. The man complied when the officer pulled him over and told him to turn off the car. As the two officers questioned the man about the vehicle violations, they noticed what appeared to be a gun in the driver’s hoodie. Police said that as soon as they asked about the gun, the driver immediately attempted to reach for it. Police say they grabbed the driver’s arm to prevent him from getting to the weapon.

During the struggle, the driver started the car and took off while one of the officers were halfway-in, and halfway-out of the vehicle. The officer was dragged for five blocks, before the driver crashed the car at 48th Street & Baltimore Avenue in West Philly. The driver reportedly collided with two vehicles and was bought to a complete stop when it hit a big slab of concrete. The impact of the crash was violent enough to deploy the car’s airbags.

The officer was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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