PHILADELPHIA, P.A. (Northeast/Mayfair)

Philadelphia Police say a 28-year old man is in custody after firing several shots at police officers, after a short car chase. A CBS-3 PHILLY report said the incident happened at around 5:20 p.m. on the 6800 block of Ditman Street, on Thursday evening.

Police say they spotted a black Jeep Trailhawk with no tags ride by. The Jeep had been reported to have been used in multiple robberies. Police say the 28-year old man driving the car took off, and a pursuit began. Police said the chase ended when the Trailhawk crashed into a pole on the 7300 block of Revere Street.

Police say the suspect exited the vehicle and fired eight shots, after crashing. He then took off running. Police say the man threw the gun on the top of an OfficeMax store on Roosevelt Boulevard. Police said they found the suspect hiding under a car. No one was injured and no police fired their weapons.

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