Real County, Texas, Sheriff, Nathan Johnson, is under investigation for allegedly seizing money from undocumented immigrants during traffic stops. A report from CNN said that Real County, Texas is about 100 miles from the U.S./Mexico border.

The Texas Rangers and the Texas Attorney General’s Office conducted multiple search warrants in December. The combined task force is investigating Real County Sheriff, Nathan Johnson, who is accused of “seizing” money from undocumented immigrants during traffic stops. According to the report, several items were seized as part of the investigation into Johnson, including computers, digital storage devices, and electric communications equipment.

Johnson has served as sheriff of Real County since 2017. Some of the charges in the warrant against Johnson states:

  • In May of 2021, Johnson directed his deputies to seize a 2008 Toyota Tundra truck and an unknown amount of cash from the undocumented immigrants. In that case, the warrant says “Sheriff Nathan Johnson acknowledges the currency seized will be filed under abandoned cash, and deposited into the Real County General Fund after a disposition order is obtained.” Johnson said he’ll attempt to identify the registered owners of the car and notify them to claim it within 30 days, after which it is considered abandoned, the warrant stated.
  • In October of 2021, $2,742 was seized from undocumented immigrants during a traffic stop. One person in the car was arrested, two others in the car were turned over to U.S. Border Patrol. The original call was to report a suspicious vehicle in the area and no insurance, according to the warrant. When interviewed by the investigating officer, Ricardo Guaardo, about the October seizure, back in November, Johnson said “Currency and vehicles are held as evidence due to trafficking crimes.”

Guajardo concluded his part of the investigation by stating in writing:

“I believe Nathan Todd Johnson is committing felony offenses of theft by public servant, abuse of official capacity theft by public servant, and other possible criminal offenses.” The investigation into Johnson is still ongoing.

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