A grey squirrel who has been accused of attacking at least 18 residents in Buckley, was sentenced to death on Wednesday. A report from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), said the animal had earned the name Stripe from residents in the community. “Stripe” being in reference to the mean spirited leader of the bad Gremlins, from the movie Gremlins.

The squirrel allegedly began attacking residents of Buckley, Flintshire, last week. The attacks allegedly lasted over a two-day period. 65-year old. Corrine Reynolds, said she considered the squirrel a “frequent and friendly visitor” to her garden.

According to Ms. Reynolds, Stripe used to come and see her for months. But, for some reason, when Stripe stopped by the garden last week, he bit her! Ms. Reynolds said that after the attack, she saw on Facebook that Stripe had also attacked others!

“After I saw all those pictures of people’s injuries, I thought ‘Oh my goodness, what’s happened to him?'”

Ms Reynolds knew right away that something had to be done! So she took action! Ms. Reynolds said she had to be the one to do something because “I knew him, I knew I was likely to catch him.”

Ms. Reynolds then proceeded to set a trap for the squirrel. 20 minutes after setting up the trap, Stripe appeared. He was immediately apprehended and turned over to the proper authorities (the RSPCA), who said they had to put Stripe down because he was a menace to society. At last report, the entire town of Buckley was still shaken by the tragic events.

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