Isaiah Reels, of Philadelphia, was sentenced to 7.5 to 15 years in prison for his role in a robbery on Feb. 2, 2017, that left the victim dead. According to a report from KYW NEWS RADIO, Reels was not the shooter. Reels pleaded guilty to to third degree-murder in the death of 65-year old Winnie Harris.

Police and prosecutors say, Reels alleged accomplice, Nelson Gidding, was the person who shot and killed Harris. Prosecutors say the pair targeted the wrong house.

Lakesha Mcgruder was arrested in the hallway as she was leaving Reels’ 2019 plea hearing the day he pleaded guilty. Mcgruder was later convicted of planning the attack……that was meant for the house next door to Harris’ home. Prosecutors say Reels admitted wrongdoing almost from the moment he was arrested. They said Reels had been helpful to authorities in piecing the crime together.

Harris was a community activist in West Philly’s Powelton neighborhood. Prosecutors say Harris tried to fight the attackers off with a baseball bat before she was eventually killed by Nelson Gidding, who was sentenced to 35-70 years in prison for Harris’ murder.

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