A Gloucester County grand jury has indicted 23-year old, Christian A. Smith, of Philadelphia, in the shooting of his stepfather. According to THE DAILY VOICE, the argument was over a gay dinner guest in attendance.

Smith was indicted on one count of first-degree murder and a second degree charge of possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. Smith’s charges are in relation to the death of 43-year old, Dennis Mckenzie. The argument allegedly began after Smith learned of the sexual orientation of one of Mckenzie’s invited guests.

Smith allegedly told Mckenzie (his stepfather), that he did not approve of the guest’s presence, and that their house was “a house of God.” Police say that led to an altercation between the two. Police say Mckenzie took a swing at Smith. That led to Smith pulling out his gun and shooting his stepfather in the body and head. Mckenzie reportedly died instantly.

Smith is currently being held at the Salem County Correctional facility, pending trial. Smith’s attorney says the shooting was an accident.

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