Philadelphia Police say a manager at a GameStop was shot during an attempted robbery of the business on Tuesday night. A report from 6 ABC ACTION NEWS. said the incident happened at the GameStop on the 4600 block of East Roosevelt Boulevard, at around 7:47 in the Summerdale neighborhood.

Police say a man armed with a gun entered the store, and walked up to the counter where the 20-year old, manager of the store was standing.

“She ducked down behind the counter, we believe to activate the alarm. That’s when the male pointed the gun at her and fired one shot striking her in the leg.”

Said Philadelphia Chief Inspector, Scott Small on Tuesday. Small said the suspect had walked behind the counter where he shot the victim at point-blank range. The shooter and two other males fled the scene on foot. It was not immediately clear if the two other males were accomplices, or just customers who fled the store after the shooting. Police say nothing was stolen from the store.

The manager was taken to Einstein Hospital. She was last listed in stable condition. Police say the bullet went through her leg and she is expected to make a full recovery from her injuries.

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