A suspected “serial killer” has been arrested and taken into custody in connection with multiple slayings in the Kansas City/St. Louis areas. Police say 25-year old, Perez Reed was arrested while on a train from Kansas City, Missouri, to St. Louis. A report from 9-ABC KMBC said Reed was carrying the semi-automatic handgun that had allegedly been used in six murders.

Police say there were six shooting from the same handgun in September, in St. Louis County and in St. Louis City. Richard Quinn, the Special Agent in charge of this case, said four people were killed in those six shootings. Police say the shootings were random.

  • September 12th – A victim was waiting at a bus stop, when he was shot from behind with no warning.
  • September 16th – Two victims shot. One shot in the face. (survived) The other was shot in the head and killed.
  • September 18th & 26th were the other dates of the random shootings. Those attacks weren’t described by the reporting outlet. A few of the surviving victims, and a couple of witnesses identified Reed as the shooter.

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