24-year old Kyota Hattori, was arrested on the spot, after authorities say he stabbed a man on a crowded commuter train in Tokyo. Multiple passengers were injured as they scrambled to get away from the scene. Hattori allegedly attempted to set the train on fire after the stabbing, according to a report from ABC NEWS.

The Tokyo Fire Department reported 17 injuries in total. Three people were reported to be seriously injured. Some of the injured had been stabbed, but officials say that most of the injuries were not serious.

Hattori, a passenger on the express train heading to the Shinjuku station, abruptly took out a knife and stabbed a passenger who was seated near him. The passenger, who was later identified as “a man in his 70’s”, was stabbed in the right side of his chest, according to police reports. Injuries to the other 16 people injured were still being investigated.

Police say Hattori told them he wanted to kill people so he could get the death penalty. Witnesses say Hattori was wearing a bright outfit….a green shirt, a blue suit, and a purple coat, just like……..The Joker.

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