55-year old, Frederick Goss, is accused of attacking and disarming a correctional officer during transport to the courthouse for Goss’s criminal trial before a jury. A report from the TRI-CITY HERALD said the attack began in the sally port as a correctional officer uncuffed Goss.

Goss was being uncuffed because he was going before a jury. Most inmates are not handcuffed during a jury trial. Goss, was then moved from the transport vehicle into a wheelchair. A Facebook post from the JEFFERSON COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT, read:

“While in the wheelchair, Goss grabbed the correctional officer’s sidearm and after a struggle, disarmed the correctional officer. During the continued struggle for the firearm, a round was discharged.”

The incident happened at around 1pm on Tuesday afternoon. A deputy inside the courthouse witnessed the attack via surveillance video. He rushed from where he was, on the 1st floor, down to the sally port in the basement. The rest of the post from the Jefferson County Police Department’s Facebook page, explained what happened next:

“To protect the life of the correctional officer and himself, the Deputy confronted the armed inmate and was forced to fire his weapon. The inmate was injured by the gunfire. Immediate assistance was requested.”

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