55-year old Stacey Hayes, who is accused of killing a nurse at Jefferson Hospital, has been found unfit to stand trial. According to a report from 6 ABC ACTION NEWS, Hayes’ court-appointed attorney said a court appointed psychiatrist had deemed Hayes incompetent to stand trial.

The criminal case against Hayes will now be on hold while Hayes undergoes mental health treatment.

On October 4th, Hayes, who worked as a nursing assistant at Jefferson Hospital, allegedly walked into Jefferson Hospital carrying multiple weapons, including an AR-15, body armor, and for one reason or another…scrubs. He opened fire on his co-worker, who was later identified as Anrae James, who would later die at the hospital. After the shooting, Hayes fled the scene in a U-Haul truck. He was later spotted by police in the Parkside area of the city.

According to police, the officers ordered Hayes to “drop the gun” several times. Police say Hayes ignored their verbal commands. Police say Hayes discharged his weapon in their direction. Four officers at the scene returned fire. Two officers suffered non life-threatening injuries, after being struck by gunfire. Hayes was briefly hospitalized for his injuries.

Hayes was someone who was likely known to police. He’d already had weapons taken from him for psychiatric reasons. He also petitioned the courts just last year to get those weapons back. Hayes’ petition was successful. He got his weapons back.

It is unclear when Hayes’ trial for murder will start.

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