Two teenagers were pulled over in Noedesha, Kansas and were arrested when officers found 82 ponds of Meth in the car.

According to a report from WATE 6 ABC KNOXVILLE, the two teens were identified as 19-year old, Alejandro Salazr, of Dallas Texas, and 19-year old Roger Mercado of Garland Texas. The driver of the car, Salazar, was charged with possession of Meth with intent to sell, possession of drug sale paraphernalia, and driving without a valid driver’s license. Mercado, the passenger, was charged with possession of Meth with intent to sale, and possession of drug sale paraphernalia.

The pair were stopped for speeding, in the 2006 Chevy Silverado they were in, by the Neodesha Police at around 11:50p.m. on Wednesday night September 29th. Police say, probable cause to search the vehicle was established. The search resulted in police finding 82 pounds of Meth with a street value of $3.7 million, in the car

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