22-year old Malik Motley is facing multiple charges for allegedly shooting a Dollar General employee in the face, according to a report in the LEXINGTON HERALD LEADER.

The shooting happened at the Dollar General Store on South Third Street, in Memphis, Tennessee on Sunday Night. Police say Motley entered the store wearing a mask, and carrying a gun wrapped in a plastic bag. Police say he then pointed his gun at the cashier and demanded they give him the cash from the register. Motley then shot the worker in the face at point blank range. Motley then ran off…..after he grabbed a yellow “Dollar General” bag and filled it with Halloween candy.

Police found the cashier when they arrived on the scene. She was taken to the hospital, where she was last reported in critical condition. Police immediately watched the surveillance tapes. The tapes showed the entire incident. Police were on their way to Motley’s house shortly afterward.

Motley ran off before the cops could catch him, but they still carried out the search warrant on the home. They found the handgun, yellow Dollar General bag, and the candy inside of Motley’s home. Motley was arrested on Thursday and charged with “especially” aggravated robbery and attempted first degree murder.

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