An unidentified, 55-year old man shot and killed one of his co-workers inside Jefferson Hospital early Monday morning, according to a report from 6 ABC ACTION NEWS. The man then took off in a U-Haul truck, and ended the wild chase in a shootout with police, where two officers were shot.

The drama started around 12:08 am, early Monday morning. Police received multiple calls from Thomas Jefferson Hospital, on 11th & Chestnut. There were reports of a shooter on the 9th floor of the hospital.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner, Danielle Outlaw, said a 43-year old nursing assistant had been shot. He was pronounced dead a short time later. Outlaw said, it wasn’t clear if the suspect was working at the time of the killing. Police say they do know that he entered the building wearing scrubs. Outlaw said police believe the deceased was the intended target, but are not sure of a motive behind the killing.

Outlaw said at around 1:25 am, 16th District Police Officers were flagged down by a passerby at 40th & Parkside Avenue. They were told that there was “a male in scrubs, with a weapon or long gun, who was potentially firing rounds in the air.”

According to Outlaw, arriving officers were fired upon by the suspect. Four of the five arriving officers returned fire. A 30-year old officer was hit in the right elbow. He was last reported in critical, but stable condition. A 32-year old officer was struck in the nose. He was last reported in stable condition. Outlaw said the suspect was struck in the upper body and neck. The suspect and the two officers were taken to Penn-Presbyterian Hospital. The suspect was last reported in critical condition. Outlaw said he is expected to survive his injuries.

“We learned that he was wearing body armor, and was carrying multiple weapons. In addition to the long gun which was believed to be an AR-15, he was also carrying some form of semi-automatic handgun.”

Said Police Commissioner Outlaw.

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