30-year old, Jeremiah Harris, of the 4100 block of Robbins St. in Philly, was arrested in Montgomery County, and was charged with several crimes related to selling and delivering heroin to a patient at Einstein Hospital. Harris was hit with multiple other drug-related charges also, according to an article in the King Of Prussia Courier.

Police say the investigation into Harris’ activities began on June 30th. On that day, officials from the Einstein Medical Center notified East Norriton Township Police that staff had seized illegal narcotics from a patient. 32 bags of heroin/fentanyl stashed inside of a Pringles potato chip can. The Pringles can was inside of a Wawa bag. Hospital policy says that all deliveries to known drug using patients must be inspected. That’s when the drugs were found by hospital staff.

Police went to the hospital and checked the surveillance video. They saw a man deliver the Wawa package at around 4:43pm, on the day the heroin was discovered. Police positively identified the man as Harris. The police turned their attention to Harris after discovering he was the delivery person. Police made a number of controlled buys of heroin from Harris. Over the course of a year or so, police purchased over 650 bags of heroin/fentanyl from Harris. Bail was set at $100,000…..for each count. Harris is facing at least four counts of delivering/possession with intent.

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