Lower Burrell Police were called to Kinloch Fire Department in Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, at about 6:07pm on Saturday evening, according to an article in NEWSWEEK. The call was for reports of an active shooter inside the fire hall.

Police arrived to find the suspected shooter attempting to leave the fire hall. He was apprehended without incident. After placing the suspect under arrest, police found that three people in the hall had suffered gunshot wounds. A 23-year old man, a 19-year old woman, and a 16 year old. All victims were taken to a nearby hospital. Their conditions are unknown.

Police later confirmed that the incident was not an active shooter situation. After investigating and talking to witnesses, police learned that the shooting was an isolated incident that happened at a family baby shower.

Preliminary investigation shows a family argument began that turned physical then the suspect introduced a 9mm semi-automatic handgun. firing off rounds which resulted in a 23-year old male, a 19-year old female, and a 16-year old male sustaining gunshot wounds.”

The Lower Burrell Police Department said in a statement posted on their Facebook page.

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