A restaurant server was attacked in New York on Thursday. The attack was orchestrated by a group of diners visiting New York from Texas. Proof of vaccination is a requirement if you want to enter some restaurants in New York City. NBC NEWS reported that the drama kicked off at around 5pm. Bystanders and staff members allegedly broke up the fight.

A hostess at Carmine’s restaurant in New York City was attacked for asking to see a group’s proof of COVID vaccination.

The unidentified hostess is an employee of Carmine’s Restaurant, on the Upper West Side. The hostess says she was punched, kicked, and had her necklace broken by the very rude Texans. The incident was caught on cell phone video.

Video courtesy: CBS New York

The three suspects who attacked the hostess, aged 21, 44, and 49, were taken to New York’s 24th Precinct. Just last week New York became the first major city to require business to ask for proof of vaccination for all hospitality, entertainment, and fitness customers to gain access to the venue or business. Any business that fails to comply faces fines up to $1000.

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