The city of Philadelphia has agreed to pay 29-year old, Rickia Young $2 million. In October of last year, Young was pulled out of her SUV and beaten by police, then separated from her young child. The incident was caught on video and spread on social media.

Video courtesy: Democracy Now

Young, a healthcare worker, from North Philly, allegedly drove down the wrong street on her way home, and ran directly into a huge crowd of people and police. Young was swarmed by officers who busted out her car windows and pulled her out of the car, before ultimately beating her. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Young did not file a lawsuit.

A police officer and a sergeant were fired back in May, for their conduct during the incident with Ms. Young. 15 other officers are awaiting disciplinary proceedings, according to police department officials. Sgt. David Chisolm, who was a 13-year veteran of the force, and worked Philly’s 26th District, was fired for violating departmental policies, including inappropriate communications or conduct while on duty, and lying or attempting to deceive during a departmental investigation. 7-year veteran police officer, Darren Kardos, who worked Philly’s 19th District, was fired for excessive use of force, and physical abuse with a baton.

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