Pennsylvania Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, and Philadelphia Police Commissioner, Danielle Outlaw, joined forces to announce the arrests of dozens of people in West Philadelphia. The announcement was made in Cobbs Creek on Monday, and according to KYW News radio, the arrests are part of an ongoing partnership between the state of Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia.

For the past six months, Philly Police and the Strategic Response Team, from the state, have been systematically targeting “violent” blocks and locations in West Philly. Some of the arrests were connected, but most were just the arrests of individuals for particular crimes in the area.

“We have arrested 65 individuals for gun and drug trafficking charges in the 18th and 19th Districts alone. We have executed 45 search warrants. We have seized 41 crime guns, including three ghost guns, as well as $82,000…the fruits of that illegal activity. Additionally, we have seized a significant number of drugs, including 200 lethal doses of heroin.”

Said P.A. Attorney General Josh Shapiro at the press briefing in Cobbs Creek on Monday.

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