At least 41 people were killed and an uncounted number of people were injured after a fire broke out at the local jail. Some of the doors in the heavily overpopulated, and very old jail, could not be opened as the flames spread throughout the jail, according to Newsweek.

Prison Officials say the fire started around 1:45 am local time on Wednesday morning. According to reports, the fire originated in cell block C, which was housing 122 inmates at the time of the fire. A spokeswoman for the Ministry’s correction department, Rika Aprianti, said the cell block was built to house 38 prisoners. According to Aprianti, cell block C was primarily for drug offenders, one inmate/victim was convicted of murder, and another was convicted of terrorism. Foreigners were also among the deceased, including one person from Portugal, and one from South Africa.

This photo released by Indonesian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights shows debris inside a charred prison cell after a fire at Tangerang Prison in Tangerang, Indonesia, Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021. A massive fire raged through the overcrowded prison near Indonesia’s capital early Wednesday, killing a number of inmates.(Indonesian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights via AP)

Local police said firefighters fought the fire for at least two hours before it was finally extinguished. News outlet, Al Jazera, who was outside the prison, reported that at least 8 of the 70 injured were in critical condition, with burns to over 90% of their bodies.

Block C2 prison is pictured following a fire overnight at an overcrowded jail in Tangerang on the outskirts of Jakarta, Indonesia, September 8, 2021, in this photo taken by Antara Foto/Handout/Bal/via REUTERS

According to the Human Rights Minister, Yasonna Laoly, the jail had a 600-person capacity. At the time of the fire the prison housed over 2,000 inmates. Laoly also said the jail’s electrical wiring had not been upgraded since the facility was built in 1972.

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