39-year old Charles Salley A.K.A Dark-Lo, was sentenced to 7.5 years in federal prison on Friday for threatening a witness in a federal case. The case in question involved Lo’s “OBH” (Original Block Hustlaz) crew, and their leader AR-AB A.K.A Abdul West.

According to an article in The Philly Inquirer, Lo is accused of warning a government witness that he might “get stabbed up” in prison if he testified against AR-AB and others from OBH who were on trial in 2019, for operating a drug empire that caught at least two bodies, led by AR-AB, who was sentenced to 45-years in prison back in April.

Federal prosecutors said Lo escaped the drug indictment that took down AR-AB and the rest of the crew, because he had completely left the drug game, after doing a few state bids. Prosecutors said he moved from Philly to Delaware.

The Feds said Dark-Lo’s song “Allegations” was more than a song. It was a threat that was directed at former OBH member Donte “Tez” Stewart, who was slated to testify against AR-AB at the time. Tez and AR-AB were being charged in state court for allegedly killing a drug rival. Tez made a deal with prosecutors in hopes of reducing his sentence in the state murder case, and the federal drug case he was part of. Days before Tez was scheduled to appear in court, he received a letter from “Ron Harvey.” Harvey was a member/co-founder of the notorious Philly Black Mafia, who were known for catching bodies and other crimes in Philly, back in the 1970’s. Lo used Harvey’s name as his rap alias. Lo began the letter by asking “What’s up Stewart Little?” The letter went on to warn Tez that if he testified he would be stabbed in prison, and his baby mama would be raped.

When Lo was confronted by the Feds about the letter, he immediately confessed to writing and sending it to Tez. He denied that the letter was meant to be a threat though. Lo told the Feds that he was upset with Tez because Tez was his youngin’ and Lo was the person who brought Tez to OBH. The Feds agreed to drop a gun charge against Lo if he pled guilty. When he was arrested at his house, federal agents found a gun in Lo’s house. That would’ve been another 15-years Lo would’ve been looking at, for being a felon in possession of a firearm, had he not taken the plea deal. He was also ordered to pay a $10,000 fine, on top of the 7.5 years in prison.

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