Authorities are investigating a rollover car crash in the Frankford section of the city, they say may be connected to a shooting/robbery that happened less than a block away.

A report from Fox-29 Philly, said the incident happened on Friday morning. Officers were called to the 4200 block of Paul Street for reports of a shooting. Police found a 34-year old man outside a home with a gunshot wound to the shoulder. The victim told police he was shot during an attempted robbery.

Less than a block from the shooting, police say a Toyota Prius with four occupants inside, crashed into a parked truck and flipped onto its roof. Chief Inspector, Scott Small, told reporters the Prius was speeding in the wrong direction on Salem Street when the crash happened. Three of the four passengers fled the scene by the time officers arrived. One woman was still climbing out of a window when police arrived and questioned her. The woman told police she rented the car as a Lyft driver, but was not driving at the time of the crash.

Fox-29 said Police believe the shooting and crash may be connected, but have no link at this time.

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