Philadelphia Police are investigating, after a man was found dead right outside of the drive-thru window at the Mcdonald’s on Torresdale & Erie Avenues in the Frankford section of Philly.

According to a report from 6ABC Action News, the man had been stabbed in the shoulder, neck, and multiple times in the back. Philadelphia Police Inspector Scott Small description of what police found upon arriving at the scene

“The officers, when they first arrived on location, (found) this male lying down on his back unresponsive, bleeding heavily and he was clutching several dollar bills in his hand.”

Small said the victim used to live only a few miles away from the Mickey D’s. Detectives were still trying to determine a motive for the stabbing. Small said that the 911 call indicated that the suspects may be a male and female who were carrying a dog. The city of Philadelphia’s body count currently sits at 297. There have already been 297 homicides in the city of Philadelphia so far this year. Today is July 14th.

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