Michael Avenatti was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison on Thursday for attempting to extort Nike for $25 million. The 50-year old former lawyer for Stormy Daniels was found guilty of attempted extortion and honest services fraud last year.

Fox 23 Tulsa reported, U.S District Judge Paul G. Gardephe gave Avenatti his prison sentence on Thursday morning.

“Mr Avenatti had become drunk on the power of his platform to be. He had become someone who operated as if the laws and rules which apply to everyone else didn’t apply to him.”

Gardephe scolded, before sentencing Avenatti to prison. Avenatti cried as he begged for mercy before being sentenced.

“TV and Twitter, your honor, mean nothing. Everyone wants to ride in a limo with you, but very few are willing to sit next to you on the bus. Even fewer, your honor, are willing to take your calls from prison.”

Avenatti managed to say through tears, according to multiple news outlets. As bad as this is for Avenatti, this is not where his troubles with the law end. Avenatti is still facing federal charges for allegedly misappropriating funds meant for Stormy Daniels, back when he represented her in a lawsuit against former president Donald Trump. Avenatti is expected to appear to face those charges in 2022.

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