Police Chief Troy Finner reportedly told reporters that “officers responded to assist an officer call in the 2200 block of Dallas Street in Houston at about 2:20 a.m early Sunday morning. A deputy Constable reported that a suspect had forced entry to his apartment and started shooting.

Newsweek Magazine ( reported, that Finner also said the suspect was dressed in all black.

“Armed with a shotgun and some type of assault rifle, he shot several times into the apartment. Striking the deputy’s wife in the leg, and also his 4-year old stepdaughter was hit in the arm.”

Finner said at a press conference on Monday afternoon. Finner said the wife was ok. The daughter needed surgery and was last reported to be in stable condition.

“We don’t know anything of what’s the motive of this, we don’t know if it was targeted or what, all we know is he forced entry.”

Finner added that the Constable allegedly exchanged fire with the suspect. The Constable told police he thought he hit the suspect. Investigators say that they found a trail of blood in the house that didn’t belong to the wife or the daughter. Finner described the subject as a Hispanic male around 5’5″. Oh yeah, the Constable has been employed by the Dallas Police Department for the past three years.

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