A young woman is fighting for her life today, after she was found lying on the pavement, and suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. This incident took place Wednesday night at the shopping plaza located in the 22nd & Lehigh Avenue area of North Philly.

6abc Action News (https://6abc.com/), reported that they were told by Philly Police, that officers found the woman in the parking lot of the plaza on the 2200 block of West Lehigh Avenue. Philadelphia Chief Inspector Scott Small, said, there’s video of the incident….or at least, how the young woman arrived at the location where she was found.

“It [the surveillance video] shows an Audi driving through the Save-A-Lot parking lot heading in a Westbound direction. Then you see the passenger door open and the female falls out of the vehicle. She slides about 50 feet where she ends up on the sidewalk.”

Small said on Wednesday. He also said the driver of the Audi sped off after pushing the woman’s body out of the car. Small said police found the car abandoned a little while after finding the body of the young woman. Detectives are 100% sure where the shooting may have taken place, and are hoping for help from any neighbors who may have seen or heard anything.

The young woman, who police believe is in her early to mid-twenties, was taken to Temple Hospital, where she underwent immediate emergency surgery the moment she arrived at the hospital. As of Wednesday morning, the young woman is listed in extremely critical condition.

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