25-year old, Cornell Jamar Scott-Milbourne, of the 1200 block of East 9th, in the Crum Lynne section of Ridley Township, has been charged with human trafficking-related charges. Milbourne is accused of forcing females to engage in sex for his financial gain. The incdent(s) allegedly occurred at a Hampton Inn hotel in Montgomery County, P.A., according to The Delaware County Times (

Milbourne was arraigned before District Court Judge, Deborah A. Lukens, on charges of human trafficking-involuntary servitude, aggravated indecent assault, sexual assault, indecent assault, promoting prostitution, and living off prostitutes in alleged incidents that happened between May 1st and May 12th. Judge Lukens set Milbourne’s bail at $1 million cash. Milbourne was unable to post the hefty bail amount, and was remanded to the Montgomery County Correctional Facility to await a preliminary hearing on the charges in front of District Judge, Francis J. Bernhardt III.

The investigation reportedly began when a concerned employee at The Hampton Inn on Chemical Road in Plymouth. The employee suspected there may be prostitution-related activity occurring in two rooms that were linked to Milbourne, according to arrest affidavits. A total of 6-people (2 males, 3 females, and a baby) were staying in the two rooms. Milbourne rented the rooms in his own name on May 1st. He extended their stay to the 12th of May. After investigating the employee’s claims, police began an investigation. They quickly discovered that the phone numbers to one of the two rented rooms, was being used as a contact number for men looking to pay for sex. armed with the evidence, police got a search warrant for the rooms and an arrest warrant for Milbourne. When police raided the rooms they spoke to the women. One of the women told police she had sex with 5 customers that day. She also said the two other females she was with had sex with a total of nine customers on that day. Another one of the women stated that she gives all of the money she makes from sex with customers to “Cornell.” (Milbourne). She said Cornell also gives her ‘E-Pills’ throughout the day and night to keep her relaxed so she would be able to continue to “work”. While detectives were interviewing the women, Milbourne, who had been out, returned to the hotel. He was immediately taken into custody. Court papers say Milbourne was in possession of $3000 cash when police arrested him.

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