Last year, the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women, was singled out by the Justice Department for its violence, sexual abuse, and exploitation of inmates by staff, in a report released by the department. That led to an investigation and a slew of charges against multiple staff at the facility. On Tuesday there was a new development in the case. State Authorities accused a lieutenant and a sergeant of lying on official documents, about the “brutal” beatings of inmates at the prison.

Lehigh Valley Live (, reported that the new charges stem from an incident at the prison on January 12th of this year, when teams wearing riot gear marched into the prison’s “restorative housing unit” and reportedly began “forcibly” removing inmates. Lt. Eddie Molina, 42, of East Brunswick, and Sgt. Andraia Bridges, 44, of North Plainfield, supervised the extraction teams sent to conduct prisoner removals from cells, to search for contraband, on January 12th. According to state Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, the Lieutenant and Sergeant both “failed to prevent and report excessive use of force and assaultive conduct by other officers.” Multiple inmates told news outlets including, N.J Advanced Media (, that prison administrators and medical staff were also present during the raid by the officers. In a statement released to the press, State Attorney General Grewal said “We are far from done.” Grewal also hinted that the investigation is far from over, and more charges could be coming.

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