Remember the show Dexter? The one about the serial killer dude, and his sister was a cop or detective or something. As a matter of fact, I think he worked for the police too. As a forensic specialist or something. Anyway, Dexter had a few really good seasons before it became another mediocre show that has clearly run out of storylines. The early seasons were pretty good though. Maybe the first three seasons max. But, they weren’t good enough to make me forget about the bad seasons, which were unbearably bad at times….in my humble opinion. I’m honestly, less than excited about Dexter’s comeback to say the least. I’m gonna give this one a hard pass…………BUT, just in case Dexter is still your cup of tea, check out this short teaser from the upcoming 10-part new Dexter series titled “Misunderstood” below:

Video courtesy: Showtime

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