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Before anyone says anything, I realize that the last recap I wrote was for episode 5 and this latest recap is weeks late. That was 100% on me. I missed one episode and found myself behind. I planned to find time to watch the episodes I missed in one sitting, and then watch the latest episode (8). Then write about all the missed episodes and the newest episode (8) in the same post. I knew I wasn’t going to do it five seconds after the words came out of my mouth. But, here’s my episode 6 recap:

Alright, we left off with Leon and Fatback on the run after the shootout with Skully’s boys. At the end of that episode, Leon was getting chased through the projects by Skully and his boys. Franklin and Jerome scooped Lee up in the car as Skully & company fired multiple shots at the car. Okay, now on to the next episode (6)…

After watching her daughter die in her arms, Khadija (Skully’s girlfriend and Manboy’s sister), wants revenge. Skully and Manboy both ensure Khadija that they’re on it, and Leon, Fatback, and everyone else affiliated with Leon will be dead shortly. Skully went off on some crazy stuff, saying his daughter died because of what he did during his war with Manboy’s crew. Tortured, killed, and crucified one of Manboy’s soldiers on a cross for the world to see. Skully is too preoccupied with nightmares and visions of dead people, to do what he promised Khadija he would do. Kill Leon and crew. Manboy is on some other stuff too. He tells Khadija that he has a plan to get Leon, but every one of his plans include killing Franklin and getting the plug for himself. Manboy is more concerned about finding out who Franklin’s plug is, than he is concerned about getting revenge on the people that killed his niece. Khadija quickly gets fed up with her boyfriend and brother’s shit. She has a look of determination in her eyes that only a parent who’d lost a child would recognize. Manboy nor Skully notice this look in her eyes when she talks to both of them separately.

Reed’s father breaks the news of Reed’s brother’s death to him. He didn’t do it nicely either. Pops told Reed that his brother died two weeks ago. Then he tells Reed not to bother coming to the funeral. Right before he told Reed that it should’ve been him that died. Reed is messed up about learning about his brother, and knowing it was his fault that his brother is dead. Reed is not doing well mentally, and it shows.

Franklin gets a visit at home from a detective inquiring about Lee’s whereabouts. Every cop in the city seems to be looking for Lee and Fatback after they were named the prime suspects in the shooting of aa little girl on the news, a few nights prior. Franklin gives the cop nothing, of course, but he does come up with an idea while standing there listening to the detective make accusation after accusation. Franklin goes to see Lee later on. He tells them that a detective came to talk to him about Lee’s whereabouts. Franklin then tells Lee his idea. Franklin is going to get Fatback to take the fall for the killing. Well, try to convince Fatback to be the “fall-guy” for this.

Meanwhile, Wanda gets released from the rehab. She has nowhere to go, and ends up spending her first night of sobriety on the streets, sleeping in an alley with other homeless people and crack heads. Wanda manages not to get sucked back into smoking crack that night, but she knows she will relapse if she continues to be around people who use the drug. Wanda goes to see Lee, the only person she feels she can ask for help. Lee has a lot of his own stuff going on. He’s on the run from the cops and whoever else, but before he leaves, he tells Wanda to check herself into Alton’s (Franklin’s dad) homeless shelter.

With the promise of a nice piece of change for himself, and the promise that he will pay for his lawyer, bail him out if he gets a bail, and take care of his people while he’s away, Franklin convinces Fatback to take the fall for the murders and tell the police Lee had nothing to do with it. Franklin was feeling good after his talk with Fatback, but a new problem quickly arises the moment Franklin steps into Louie’s club. She informs him that they’re not moving the product they’re getting from Reed fast enough. The Skully/Manboy war has really fucked things up. And the heat on Lee and Fatback from the police, is not making things any better. Louie worries that Reed will stop supplying them if they can’t move the product. Louie also knows that if they are no good to the C.I.A anymore, they are as good as dead. They all know too much. Franklin tells Louie that the answer is expansion. L.A. is too hot, but there are more cities in the country. And Franklin realizes that crack will sell anywhere. He tells Louie to go to Little Rock, Arkansas and set up shop out there through her cousin. It’s beginning to look like things will work themselves out again. As usual, Franklin comes up with an idea that saves the day.

Fatback turned himself in the same night. He took the charge like he said he would. The heat is off of Lee from the police now. Fatback told them he acted alone. Fatback did what he promised he would. The lawyer managed to get Fatback a bail. As Fatback stepped out of the jail, he’s smiles. Franklin kept his promise. Fatback will probably ended doing more than 20-years in prison after his trial, but for now……life is pretty damn sweet! Fatback hears a car horn bonking as he stands at the sidewalk waiting for someone to come pick him up. It’s two beautiful chicks waving him over. Fat Back smiles like a kid in a candy store. Franklin really hooked his ass up! Fat Back hops in the car with the ladies. He asks if Franklin sent them? They tell him yes, and that Franklin also told them to have a threesome with him. Fatback is ecstatic as he leans back, closes his eyes, and enjoys his freedom. Fatback knows something is wrong the moment he opens his eyes. The car is driving down a dark alley in an unfamiliar place. Fatback asks where they’re going. The ladies tell him to relax. The pull the car over and begin to service Fatback. Just when things started getting good, Fatback is hit in the head with a gun and knocked out. Fat Back comes to conscious and immediately realizes he’s in trouble. He’s tied up with rope and he can’t move. When Fat Back makes out the figure in front of him, he really can’t understand what’s going on. But he quickly finds out what’s going on when Khadija approaches him with a butcher knife, asking for Lee’s whereabouts. Fat Back tells her he doesn’t know. Khadija stabs him once. Fatback does not tell her anything. Khadija then turned into Freddy Krueger On Fat Back’s dumb ass, as she sliced, diced, and carved Fat Back’s ass like a Thanksgiving turkey.

R.I.P Fat Back. You were a real one, all the way to the end

While Fat Back was getting chopped up by Khadija, Franklin was laid up with Tee and feeling really good about things. Everything had worked out, except for one thing that was really making Franklin nervous. Franklin is preoccupied by these thoughts when Khadija asked what was up with the drunk guy in the bar earlier. The drunk guy was Reed. Remember earlier when I said Reed was messed up about his brother? He’s been going on drunk rampages all day, and the last stop on Reed’s confrontation tour was Franklin, who he cussed out at the club, while Khadija looked on. Reed cussed Franklin out because of the situation with Lee and the shooting. Franklin tried to insure Reed that it was going to be taken care of. Reed gets mad and cusses Franklin out as he warns him that he’s making too many mistakes. He also warns Franklin that family and friends were going to be Franklin’s downfall. It was Reed’s way of telling Franklin that he needs to take care of Lee. Franklin doesn’t tell Tee any of this. He tells her that Reed was just a friend who got a little too drunk and began acting crazy. Franklin gets a beep from his lawyer and calls the number back. He asks Franklin if he picked Fat Back up from jail. The lawyer says the jail told him Fat Back already got bailed out, and left the jail. Someone bailed Fat Back out of jail before Franklin could. Franklin immediately realizes what happens. Franklin grabs Peaches and goes out looking for any sign of Fat Back. He finds Fat Back’s heavily stab wounded, corpse in the alley. Oh, and the reporter, Irene returns to the shelter to try to get information on his son out of Alton, who declines again. Irene runs down what she knows about what Franklin and the C.I.A are doing. Selling crack in California to fund a war in another country. This is a huge story, and Irene will do anything to get credit for it. Including going after his family, which she tells Alton she will do, if he doesn’t tell her something when she comes back tomorrow.

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