NAYZE MEDIA    TAMPA, FL    9/16/2020    2:24pm(est)




A United States narcotics agent admitted to conspiring to launder money with the same Colombian Cartel he was supposed to be helping to bring down. Experts called it “one of the most egregious betrayals of the badge in the history of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency.



The Associated Press (@ap), reported, DEA Agent, Jose I. Irizarry, pleaded guilty to 19 federal counts. Including bank fraud, and having diverted millions of dollars in drug proceeds from DEA control. Irizarry, 45, had been charged with filing false reports and ordering DEA staff to wire money slated for undercover stings to International accounts he and associates controlled. He was also accused of sharing sensitive law enforcement information with co-conspirators, including a Colombian official and an alleged drug trafficker and money launderer.





Irizarry faces decades behind bars. No immediate date was set for his sentencing at this time. Irizarry joined the Miami DEA in 2009. He gained repeated praise from his superiors after joining the DEA, even though he showed signs of deception on a polygraph test. Before he resigned in 2018, Irizarry’s stories of parties on Yachts with half-naked prostitutes and drug kingpins made him a living legend in the department. Prosecutors say Izirray walk down the dark side began in 2011, when he used his badge to file false reports and mislead his superiors, all while directing DEA personnel to wire funds reserved for undercover stings to accounts in Spain. In total, Izirray and informants under his direction handled at least $3.8 million that should’ve been carefully tracked by the DEA as part of a money laundering investigation.

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