GEORGIA     4/30/2020     1:05pm(est)



Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp announced today that he has signed an executive order stating that new Georgia drivers will no longer be required to take a road test to obtain their driver’s license. Driver’s will still have to obtain their learner’s permit before they can get a license, but that pesky road test is out of here. Teenagers only need to get their parents’ consent to obtain their license now. In the state of Georgia you can now obtain a driver’s license without ever having driven a car……at least until May 13th. The length of time Kemp has extended the state’s public health state of emergency.




According to CNN, Kemp’s executive order will also allow gyms, fitness centers, bowling alleys, tatoo parlors, barbershop and hair salons, nail technicians, and massage parlors to reopen their doors for business. Restaurants and theaters will follow three days later. Kemp’s executive order has been criticized by many medical experts and public officials, including Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms.



“I’ve done the best I can using my voice as mayor to just say to people to use your common sense.” Bottoms told CNN in an interview on Friday.


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