LOS ANGELES, CA   4/2/2020   10:17am (est)




A train engineer in California has been arrested after federal authorities say he intentionally derailed a train in an attempt to crash into the USNS Mercy, a docked hospital ship treating non-COVID patients at the Port Of Los Angeles, in an attempt to lessen the burden on other area hospitals who are dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic.







ABC News (@abcnews) reports, Eduardo Moreno, 44 was expected to appear in court on Wednesday for arraignment on charges of train wrecking.




Around 1pm on Tuesday, Moreno allegedly ran the train at full speed at the end on the track near the Navy medical ship. He smashed through several concrete and chain barriers, before sliding through a parking lot and landing nearly 250 yards from the ship, a criminal complaint said. No one was injured in the incident and the boat was not damaged, but the train apparently leaked a substantial amount of fuel, the complaint said. Moreno was caught by a California Highway Patrol officer as he attempted to flee the scene after the crash.







FBI investigators said when questioned, Moreno told them that he deliberately derailed the train because he was suspicious of the Mercy’s intentions, and he believed the ship was a part of a government takeover. Moreno said he acted alone and did not plan the attack beforehand. Moreno said that ‘he knew derailing the train would bring media attention, and people could see for themselves’, in reference to the Mercy ship.

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