MANHATTAN, NY  3/11/2020   12:01pm(est)




Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23-years in prison on Wednesday after being found guilty on multiple counts of rape and sexual assault last month. Weinstein had been facing a maximum punishment of 29-years in prison for the two charges he was convicted on. Weinstein was acquitted of the most serious charge (predatory sexual assault), which would’ve carried a maximum penalty of life in prison.




Buzzfeed News (@buzzfeed) reported, Miriam Haley and Jessica Mann, the two women who gave the most damaging testimony against Weinstein at trial, gave victim impact statements before the Judge (James Burke), delivered his 23-years in prison sentence. Weinstein reportedly also addressed the court, saying he was “remorseful.” Weinstein reportedly then went on to tout his numerous charitable deeds. Both women asked the judge to give Weinstein the maximum sentence allowed by law.


jessica Mann



“The impact of rape is profound. He abused his power over the powerless.” Mann said to the judge.




Harvey Weinstein gave a speech before being sentenced, that Buzzfeed described as “rambling.” Weinstein talked about his relationship with the two women and how he was “totally confused” by how they described it.



“I can’t stop looking at Jessica and Mimi and hoping something from our old friendship could emerge.” Weinstein said.



In total, six women testified against Weinstein at his trial. The six women embraced each other after the sentencing. They walked out of the courtroom together. Some smiling, some crying.

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