St. Landry Parish, LA




21-year old Holden Matthews was arrested on Wednesday evening in connection to a string of fires at historical black churches in Louisiana. Holden is the son of a St. Landry Parish police deputy.




CBS News (@cbsnews) reported, Holden is the son of Sheriff’s Deputy, Roy Matthews. At a press conference held on Thursday morning, St. Landry Parish Sheriff, Bobby Guidroz said Matthews had “no knowledge” of his son’s activities. The elder Matthews reportedly helped to facilitate his son’s arrest, when he managed to get Holden Matthews away from the home. Holden Matthews is accused of setting fires that burned three historically black churches to the ground. The three church fires were committed in a span of 10-days. Holden was charged with three counts of arson of a religious building. Each count carries a maximum sentence of 15-years in prison. Sheriff’s Marshall, Butch Browning said “We saw an immediate threat to public safety. We felt that other crimes were imminent.” Browning said they were still vetting motives, but added that they have found that Holden has ties to “black metal” “and its association and history with church burnings in other parts of the world.” 




Black metal has deep roots in the Norwegian heavy metal scene. Black metal was reportedly the inspiration for several church burnings in Norway in the early 1990’s.