The Alliance Of American Football league has suspended its operations. On Tuesday, players were told that the end of the day would be the last day of football operations. There has been no official explanation as to why the AAF decided to shut the doors. But if we’re going to take an educated guess here, I would say that money was likely a big factor.






The AAF started off with a bang. As a football junkie myself, I gave the first televised game a shot just to see what it was hittin’ for. I have to admit, I was impressed. The AAF was far from any “junior” NFL league that I’ve seen over the years. From what I saw the AAF was actually very competitive. These didn’t seem to be guys they just picked up off of the streets. These guys seemed to have played organized football at the highest level before. My thinking was right. I remembered multiple names as players who once played in the NFL. There were also a bunch of known names from their college days that did not make a big splash in the NFL. Still, these are all players who’ve played football on the highest level. A big difference from leagues like the XFL back in the day. Talent was not the AAF’s issue. Getting an audience was not even an issue. With the NFL season over, football junkies like myself were fiendin’ for more football to watch. We would’ve watched the AAF faithfully every Sunday at 1pm. The problem was the difficulty finding AAF games on television. I never checked their official schedule, but it seemed sporadic. People like a routine. Plus, the AAF didn’t have the correct television outlets for a new league. You need to be found on a television network (a free one, not the NFL Network). It needs to be accessible to all people. Then you can spin off to your cable channels and “dot-coms” or whatever. After the first week I was looking for more. I think a lot of people were. I believe the league’s first week ratings were pretty good. The league made the mistake of allowing the excitement to wear off. The very next week I couldn’t find a game. I checked their schedule and they were saying it was on cbssports,com? No disrespect, but I ain’t going through all of that bullsh*t to watch a team that’s not the Philadelphia Eagles. Even during the NFL’s offseason. I forgot the AAF was still a thing after that. My guess is that most of the league’s week 1 viewers did also. That’s a shame too. I really thought they were on to something. Oh well, I guess it’s on to the next one.