How much would you pay for a notebook full of unreleased lyrics by Lil’ Wayne from the 1999 Cash Money days? A guy who claims to have one of Lil’ Wayne’s old notebooks full of raps Lil’ Wayne wrote is attempting to auction off the “book of rhymes” for $250,000. The only problem is that Wayne says the book is still his property.




Tmz (@tmz) reported that the story goes something like this….The unidentified man says that he found the notebook full of raps Wayne wrote in 1999 inside of a car he purchased that once belonged to Cash Money Records. Finders keepers right? Wrong. Wayne’s lawyers said the book was misplaced and is happy that it has now been found, but it’s still Wayne’s property. Wayne’s lawyers say the guy “absconded with the notebook” and hid it for years while waiting for the perfect time to cash in on his treasure.



The book is being sold by Moments In Time auction-house. Moments In Times’ owner, Gary Zimet says the “finders keepers” rule definitely applies. He says if Wayne wants his book back, he will have to buy it just like any other person who wants the book would have to. Wayne is threatening to sue Moments In Time if they attempt to move forward with the auction.