With fellow “Dip Set” member Juelz Santana currently out on bail and facing gun charges, with this latest piece of news it’s beginning to look like the Dip Set reunion, fans have long awaited may take place behind bars if things continue to go this way.

Group leadman and sometime reality star, Jim Jones has recently found himself in some trouble with the law. TMZ (@tmz) reported, Jimmy was a passenger in the backseat of a car that was involved in a brief high-speed chase. The car crashed into a deputy’s car before it was brought to a stop. Even worse, when the car was seached police found 2 loaded pistols, an undisclosed amount of weed, Percs, Oxys, Vape Cartridges, THC oil, and of course cash. Jones told “5-0” the money was just “petty cash.”

One of the guns were reportedly stolen. Nobody in the car admitted to being the person in possession of the weapons, which made the charge everyone’s. Jones told police the Oxy and Percs were his. He had a prescription for those. Jones, who was a backseat passenger said running from the po-po was not his call. The driver made that decision on her own even though he protested. All passengers also shared possession of drug paraphernalia charges since no one wanted to claim that either.

Jones was charged with possession of the stolen gun, possession of a firearm in commission of a crime (running from the po-po), and possession of narcotics. All felony charges. Jimmy caught an added misdemeanor charge for not carrying his prescription pills in their original bottle. Jones was arrested and released on $7000 bond. I wonder what Cam is doing? Hopefully it ain’t got nothing to do with guns.

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