Yeah, you read that headline correctly. Jamie Foxx is being accused of penis slapping a woman back in 2002. Foxx has called the woman’s claims “absurd” and an outright lie.

TMZ (@tmz) reports, the woman that claims the incident took place in 2002, went to Las Vegas police just last week to make the claim against Foxx.

According to the report by the woman, her and a friend were partying at Foxx’s house one night when Foxx asked her for some oral. The woman said she refused. She claims that it was then that Foxx penis slapped her across her face.

The woman told police she went to the hospital the next day to seek treatment after the assault……for severe panic attack. (I know what you were wondering when you read she went to the hospital seeking treatment). The statute of limitations on these type of cases is only three years, so it’s very unlikely that this case will ever see the light of day in criminal court. Meanwhile, Foxx is planning some legal action of his own against the woman for the vicious allegations made against him.

Jamie emphatically denies that this incident ever occurred, and he will be filing a report with the Las Vegas Police Department against the woman for filing a false report against him. The first time Jamie became aware of this woman’s absurd claims about an incident that supposedly occurred 16 years ago was when TMZ contacted his representatives about this story (yesterday)” Foxx attorney Allison Hart told TMZ.

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