It looks like the 76ers have found their coach of the future. The coach who will bring an NBA Championship to the city for the first time since 1983. Way back in the Doc, Moses, and Cheeks era.  Is Brett Brown the man who can make it happen? I don’t know, but the 76ers organization must believe he is. The 76ers showed their confidence in coach Brett Brown by rewarding him for the 76ers great season and run into the playoffs. They gave Brown a 3-year contract extension. This is a big deal, because as you know, 76ers coaches don’t usually hang around for this long. With this new extension, Brown is now signed through the 2021-2022 season with the 76ers. Brown became head coach of the 76ers in 2013 and has a record of 127-283. In Brown’s defense, all of his early years were during the building of “the process.” This was the first season that the process was close to being complete…or at least, the first season no one player sat out most of the season due to an injury. Brown managed to get this young team to the 2nd round of the playoffs before they were eliminated by the Boston Celtics in 5 games.

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