As if the rich need help getting any richer………After close to five days of deliberation, a jury reached a verdict that Samsung was on the hook to Apple for $539 million in the patent infringement case the two companies have been battling out in court for years.




The (@verge) reports, Jurors awarded Apple the verdict in federal court in San Jose, California today. The jury found that Samsung had infringed on the Apple design and utility patents covering aspects of the phone’s design. Ex: Rounded corners, the rim of the front face of the iphone, and the grid layout of the iOS home screen.




“We believe deeply in the value of design, and our teams work tirelessly to create innovative products that delight our customers. This case has always been about more than money.” Apple said in a statement to Bloomberg after the verdict. 




The case has been going on since 2011, and started out with Apple suing Samsung for 2.5 billion. A verdict was entered against Samsung to the tune of $1 billion in 2012 before an appeals court ruled that Apple could not trademark the iphone’s appearance, in 2015. That decision by the appeals court dropped the amount Samsung owed Apple for stealing their design down to $548 million. Since then, the case has been in and out of appeals courts as Samsung attempted to get the tab further dropped.

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