Earlier this month Spotify announced that they were removing R. Kelly’s music (and some other artist) from their service generated playlist and would stop promoting his music on their service. The move only removed Kelly’s music from Spotify created playlist. Individual Spotify users can still add R. Kelly’s music to their individual playlist. The stoppage of the promotion part, I’m not so sure of the details of that. My best guess is that a user would not see any R’ Kelly music on Spotify’s homepage and would have to search if they wanted to find his music. Once again, I’m not sure, I’m just guessing about the promotion part. Either way, the move was likely made by Spotify to distance themselves from the R&B singer due to the accusations against R. Kelly that he had sex with minors, was the leader of a cult, physically and verbally abused women, and a bunch of other things. There were rumblings around the “internets” that the move by Spotify would hurt R. Kelly in the pockets, or maybe some even hoped that the move by Spotify would manage to reduce the singers popularity or even remove him from history. That’s how it seems something like this would work out, but somehow, Spotify’s move has managed to increase the streaming of R. Kelly’s music on its site and others.




The Hollywood Reporter (@thr) reports, before Spotify’s announcement, R. Kelly averaged 6,584,000 weekly streams for the year. But from May 10-16 (shortly after Spotify’s announcement), Kelly’s numbers increased to 6,676,000 streams for the week, according to Nielsen Music.




R. Kelly’s streams have grown steadily over the last two years. His music averaged 4,709,000 weekly streams in 2016 and 5,5666,000 weekly streams in 2017. Kelly is averaging 6,674,000 weekly streams so far in 2018. These stats come from Nielsen Music.  Nielsen Music’s numbers are based on audio streams from Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and other platforms.

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